How It Works

Download iofundit from Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore


Create an account: it's simple. Deposit into your advertiser account via Stripe with a credit card, upload an icon or infographic and follow the prompts to input how much and when you would like text senders to get paid to tell their friends and family about your product or service. Take total control of your funds with start and stop functions; look at your data and adjust course as necessary.


A portion of your ad dollars pays text users and they, in turn, donate approximately 11% of that to No Waste, No Hunger. We keep 4% for doing it all. You can even text and advertise for yourself! Welcome to the club of socially-conscious advertisers!


Download the app and start right away. The dashboard lets you control everything. Get analytic reports to see how it's going. No contracts or time limits. The IRS wants to know when texters earn more than US$400 dollar mark, so they'll have to register additional information for IRS form 1040 at that point it they want to continue.


From any smart device. Access the dashboard on the go: change dates, amounts and zip code target areas.


US Dollars in US banks only. Bit coin coming soon. Android devices download iofundit from Google PlayStore. iPhone download from AppStore.


Word of mouth recommendation is the most effective modus advertisus. Pay per click is the most cost-effective. People love companies that are looking out for our peeps and our precious planet. We can end hunger and the world becomes a cleaner place!