Retailers: advertise goods here

Advertisers get P2P endorsements. Here's how:

  • Register a new account.
  • Upload an icon for which you want people to spread the word. Preferably JPEG or PNG with an sRGB color profile and 450 x 450 and max 3 MB. Our program will resize and reformat your file automatically if necessary.
  • Load some money into your account. This is done securely within the app using Stripe credit card payment.
  • Set pay per click and max clicks/day/user parameters and start/stop dates.
  • Track in real time how people spread the word via analytic reports.

As an advertiser, you register as a new user, upload your icon and make a credit card payment or ACH transfer to your account. Deposits are made via secure encrypted network using short-life tokenized validation through Stripe. Funds are then disbursed securely through Dwolla into text users' accounts when texters long-click your icon/ infographic into their text. You decide how much you want to pay for each click of your icon. For example $1K at $0.50 per click yields 2K word-of-mouth P2P endorsements. Payments are made to users when the text recipient opens the sent text, thus completing the cycle. To date, icons embedded into texts are not affected by adblock software.

You can manage your account and icons via a dashboard: replenish your accounts, change the amount you want to pay per text, start or stop payouts, cap the clicks/day/user and change your icons/infographics. If an account depletes to a zero balance, the respective icon/infographic drops out from the list of icons available to text users. Your icon also disappears on the stop date you selected.

Advertisers can select from a variety of tracking statistics and data mining reports. iofundit tracks internally and via GoogleAnalytics to provide usage information over time. Reports can be generated to display gross clicks per icon and clicks per icon over time. Monthly reports are free. On-demand reports reports have a US$0.49 fee deducted from your account.

Dashboard features include account replenishing and balance, max payout amounts, time settings. (Location/datum settings coming soon). iofundit currently charges a 4% fee on advertiser deposits. That's how we pay our people. Credit card payments are processed via and, unfortunately, carry an additional fee of 2.9%. That's what charges. ACH bank to bank transfers are free of charge. There are some other fees, but we do absorb those. We don't want to totally airline you. Use ACH transfer or pay by check to avoid fees when replenishing your account. Email for questions.

As an aside, texters currently agree to pay 15% of their gross receipts tovictims of their choice. This is also a secure short-life tokenized secure transaction. It is effected by Dwolla between email user/texters and victims, completely independent of advertisers, but the transaction warrants mention for transparency since it completes the cycle and is an integral mechanism of iofundit.

In Sandbox testing now and coming soon:

  • Advertisers soon will be able to contact directly with text senders that opt-in to hear from you
  • Advertisers will be able to generate reports based on general location of text senders. See what areas or zip codes your icon is being sent from!
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