The power of ioFundit

Advertisers use their budget efficiently; text users make some extra money; and No Waste, No Hunger gets funded.

  • Get money when you include a logo and a No Waste, No Hunger in your text. You get paid and No Waste, No Hunger gets funded with advertising dollars!

The effects of social impact media are two-fold


generate income revenue:

Money goes directly and securely from socially-conscious advertisers to your bank account with each and every text you send. You'll need to declare income to the US Internal Revenue Service when it exceeds US$400, so you'll need to fill out an IRS Form 1040 when you reach that limit.


eliminate waste and end hunger automatically:

No waste, no hunger gets approximately 11% of your take.

Watch the program get funded in real time. See if your friends are involved!

No Waste, No Hunger

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